NO nuts or nut products are

Lil’L Sprouts is a Lunch box Centre. Children feel secure in the knowledge that their parent/caregiver have prepared their lunch especially for them from their home. It gives your child reassurance that you are still present in there day to day events. Our team ensure that your child eats their lunch according to your requirements.
Parents/caregivers have better control over their child’s diet requirements.
Nutritious Morning and afternoon tea is provided by the Centre.

Child Development and Learning

  • Encourage competence in children as they learn eating skills. Ask children if they want help opening items, rather than automatically opening the food for the child.
  • Teach children to ask for help, and to wait their turn for the teacher to help.
  • Because children bring their food, there is an inherent interest factor in what each has brought from home. Encourage child-to-child discussions about their food, but teach the words, yours and mine and ours.
  • Build food vocabulary among the children taking advantage of the wide variety of different foods the children bring to the table…smooth, silky, crunchy, colours, flavours, crispness, liquid, solid, fruits, vegetables, meat, grains, dairy.
  • Help children learn how to open items that commonly come in lunchboxes…juice boxes and sandwich bags are examples. Plan a small group time activity or have a dramatic play center set up for such learning.