Our Curriculum



Children have an innate sense of wonder and a natural desire to learn. Our curriculum aims to create a free choice, play-based learning environment for children to learn within. Planned experiences are based on children’s interests, and follows the Early Years Learning Framework. Creativity, imagination and curiosity shape the collaborative environment, allowing each child to fulfil their potential.

Every child is unique

We believe that each child is unique. We aim to maximize every child’s development and learning by enriching their learning experiences as they explore, investigate and interact with their friends, educators and the environment.

We work to create an emotionally responsive setting where children learn respect for their individual and cultural similarities as well as to celebrate the differences that make us a rich, diverse cultural community.

Nurturing the love for learning

We believe that children, from the beginning of their lives, bring their own personalities, preferences and curiosities to each experience. Therefore, each child’s interests are honoured and integrated into the curriculum.

Our trained educators provide an emergent curriculum that focuses in on all areas of development. Children are empowered to try out new things on a daily basis as they progress through developmental milestones during this time of incredible growth in their lives. Our educators are eager to support the process, and to share the achievements of each child with their family as they reach those milestones.


The Learning Environment

Our environment is organised to enable children to develop independence and confidence. We allow children to initiate their own learning in their own time and space, but also encourage them to work collaboratively where they can learn more from each other in a social context.

Both the indoor and outdoor environments play as important a role as the educator and the students. The educators arrange and rearrange the areas with intent and respect. Materials are chosen that will stimulate, inspire, and challenge the children as their imaginations and curiosity develop.

Recording the learning journey

Our educators are trained to observe and record what they see and hear children do. Our documentation makes the learning journey visible. Portfolios are displayed and analysed to held us understand why children do what they do and to plan accordingly to help the children reach their full potential.


The most important aspect of your child’s welfare is the quality of the relationship between parents, children and educators. We understand how big a step it is to place your child in the care of “strangers”. We have implemented a “settling in” process that allows parents to stay with the child before the start date. We want both the child and parents to feel completely happy about being left in the care of friends.

We believe strongly in forming a strong partnership with parents from the very outset. To this end, we aim to be available to talk at anytime. Through open communication we able to give effect to our motto
“If it’s important to the child, it’s important to us”