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Babies Room is for Birth -24 months is a cosy home like environment with a ratio  of 1:4

“Good Beginnings Last forever”kids-study-set-500x500

Our Babies Room provides a soft home like environment that supports staff in the nurturing children from birth through to 24 months. We believe that Young children explore their world through trial & error, tasting, observing, testing & exploration. We provide experiences & an environment that supports all stages of their early development & sensory skills whilst expressing creativity & emotions.
Staff ensure that these opportunities are given to all children as they begin to develop an awareness of their own self and the world around them. Our daily routines reflect all individual children’s needs and interests with a focus on providing secure and loving attachments to foster their confidence and potential.
We operate on a high staff: to child ratio of 1:4 with all staff having many years of experience & knowledge of child development
We have a sleep facilities that overs a cosy and relaxing sleep area for the younger babies, and individual routines discussed with parents are followed for each child for their sleep and other routines of the day. We provide all bedding for all children.
Families are required to provide all nappies &  lunchtime meals, we believe this is important so it’s a continuation of the care environment form home to centre.  We supply nutritional morning and afternoon tea. We support mothers who are breast feeding & welcome this to be continued during the day.
Our Babies have access to an outdoor play area at suitable times of the day, allowing them access to a space they can explore and feel safe in.

Toddlers 24 months – 3 years We use an Educator: Child ratio of 1:5

“Our focus in this room is the Care & Interactions we can provide through Play & Routines…”

We aim to foster a sense of independence & the early development of interpersonal skills, still allowing children the nurturing they need and deserve!

Some of the activities include, painting, play dough, water play, dress ups, collage, puzzles, drawing, home corner, music & lots more…

We operate this environment on a ratio of 1:5 & it is a small group environment, helping to prepare & guide these children through the development of  interpersonal & independent skills thus preparing them for their next transition to the Kindy Room.

Developing confidence in toilet training is a crucial part of toddler hood & children will develop this skill when they are confident & developmentally ready, Our room is equipped to support these items with nappy change facilities & also our own bathroom which is easily accessed & our staff will liaise with families regarding an appropriate time to begin toilet training.

Kindy 3 – 5 yrs We Use an Educator: Child Ratio of 1:10 “Learning through Play”..

In this room we specifically cater for children 3-5 years with an aim of providing a successful transition between the home environment & school. We strive to encourage the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, independence and interpersonal skills in our children by providing a program that is challenging & stimulating through a play based curriculum.
Through the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework we are developing a stronger relationship with families, our natural environment & our local community.

The Kindy room is set up in many learning environments with a continuous indoor/outdoor program with an emphasis on interactions & developing relationships & new skills.