Welcome to Lil Sprouts

Lil Sprouts Childcare is a family owned childcare service provider.

The owners of the company have children who attend Li'l Sprouts Early Learning/childcare and they want you to have the same care for your children as they expect for their own.

Our Centre is based on the core principles and beliefs that early childhood is a unique stage in life. The way we introduce the children to Early Learning is important as it is the foundation on which children will begin to build the rest of their lives.

Lil Sprouts Early learning centre is where children will feel safe, secure, challenged and stimulated and our goal is to provide quality care for your children, where we can help you by making sure your children are in a caring, sharing, focused environment

Every effort is made to make the centres a happy place for the children where they can play, learn and above all be happy.

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Early Years Learning Management

At Lil Sprouts our centre uses a program called Early Years Learning Management (EYLM) to provide each family with online access to their child’s portfolios, photos, the daily program journal and more. Staff use the QKeYLM tool to manage each child’s portfolios, journaling, planning and curriculum within their room.

Any published observations, rooms programs, daily journals, photos and pictures of artwork available for parents to view is created and managed by the child care centre staff through QKeYLM – Online NQF Management. Parents from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere using the convenient My Family Lounge App have the ability to view each child’s portfolio with their own secure login including notifications to the parents when a new Observation or Daily Journal is published for them to see.


As part of your QK Enrol and/or QKeYLM service




1238 Grand Junction Road
Hope Valley
SA 5090


Open Hours

Monday -Friday 6.30am – 6.00pm
Closed Public Holidays
Closed for 1 week over Christmas-New Year